Dr. B's Interview on Cataracts

Dr. Busack has performed thousands of cataract and laser surgeries helping patients to regain clear vision. Below is an interview with him about this important vision restoration surgery.

Dr. Busack sharing information about cataracts

Why do cataract surgery?

Dr. Busack: "Cataracts cause patients to slowly and progressively lose the clarity of their vision. They may notice difficulty driving at nighttime and the glare from headlights may begin to bother them more and place them at greater risk of an accident. Cataract surgery often allows us to restore the quality of their vision. By using the most advanced technology and techniques, the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a crystal clear implant or intraocular lens (IOL)."

Why choose you to do the surgery?

Dr. Busack: "Finding the best surgeon to perform your cataract surgery is so important. My focus for over 25 years is to perfect the most precise, technologically advanced cataract surgery possible."

What if I have questions regarding my options?

Dr. Busack: "Please come in for a consultation and bring your questions. Our goal is to match the appropriate technology with each individual and to provide him or her with the best results possible. I will take the time to discuss your options in a relaxed and informative setting."